Utility, Energy and Natural Resources

Current Situation and Challenges

Utility, Energy and Natural Resources

The energy and utility industries face new opportunities for growth and innovation. These companies are beginning to complement their traditional functions with corporate identity and branding, new products and services, expanding market share and a focus on customer satisfaction. At the same time these industries are filled with many small independent utility and energy companies that need to manage various service personnel in disparate locations. Energy service companies are required to outsource contract drillers, well maintenance firms, and others to keep oil rigs, pipelines, refineries and storage companies operating. Utilities, like energy companies, must also cope with service needs in service stations and power lines and delivery. Utilities are also under pressure to do more with the resources they already have – to cut costs, improve service levels, and acquire marketing and trading skills. Deregulation has been accompanied by a functional separation within both industries. These organizations require a robust service personnel scheduling system to manage their resources out in the field. Cost reduction and efficient operational procedures are a must to maintain profitability. Avianco provides solutions tailored to meet the specific demands associated with deploying a mobile workforce.

Avianco Solution

Optimizing an increasingly mobile services workforce challenges organizations to place those with the right skills to fit the needs or guidelines where they are needed. Knowing which people have the best skills, and are well suited to deliver project deadlines, at the optimal pay rate for a given process makes all the difference and helps distinguish organizations as "world-class." Whether the organization is a large utility company or small specialized service provider, Avianco’s solution can help:

  • Reduce labor costs through a centralized time and attendance management function. Increase accuracy of payroll with automated tracking of hours and attendance and automation of 100% of pay rules.
  • Improve operational efficiency through Avianco’s scheduling tools. Ensure that the right staff, with the right skills or certifications, are in the right place, at the right time.
  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction through self-service access to frequent administrative processes, such as leave requests, shift trading, and schedule management.